there will be blood [pudding]
  • I’m Featured on Vendr TV!

    Pat myself on the back?  Never.  Toot my own horn? Pssh, forget it.

    But having a post on the Vendr TV blog .. that’s just too cool.

    I’ve always been a fan of Dan Delaney’s journeys through the world of street food, and jumped at the opportunity to help contribute to the $10 A Day challenge.

    It also gave me a good reason to finally check out Jersey City’s Louisiana Spice Truck, and revisit my favorite mobile mexican vendor, The Taco Truck.
    Many thanks to editor and Stupidly Simple Snack’r Amy Cao for letting me be apart of this cool project.

    Anycrap, hope you enjoy the article.  And any new visitors my blog, thanks for clicking.  I promise (especially to my sister, a dedicated reader) more posts soon!

  • Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    For everyone not chugging a pint of Guinness this afternoon, the rest of us had food to satiate our thirst for the devil’s nectar.  What better combo in the world other than corned beef and cabbage, this platter coming from All American Deli on Water Street in the Financial District.  Interesting mix of red and green cabbage. 

    Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!

  • The Minimal Ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Pizza

    For random improvised pizza, a little bit of flour, water, and a “grain of salt” mentality go a long way. Trust me, I’m not downplaying this meal: it was great, all things considered.

    I’m sure Patsy Grimaldi and Jim Lehey would laugh at my pie if seeing the ingredients on paper.  But fellas, let’s give this post a chance,  and maybe I can win you over.

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  • Revisiting the Asian Style Pork Chop

    Listen, the thing about cooking is that occasionally, you hit the wall on what to make.  Sometimes, you’re left with things that you’ve already tackled, and ingredients that have been repurposed.  To that, I say this: so what.  Throwing in as little as one variable into the mix turns the whole dish around.  Take, for example, this asian style pork chop dish.

    If you didn’t notice before, I went through a big leek phase, and had plenty on hand.  And without an onion, which the dish normally calls for, what better substitute to use than it’s fancy cousin.  Leeks capture the best parts of both regular onions and scallions.  It’s not as strong or over powering as its white, red, and yellow brethren, but it’s got a nice mellow, smooth flavor that is reminiscent.  It’s got the brightness of scallion, without the lengthy bitter aftertaste.  When pan fried, it becomes a little sweet, which mixed well with the saltiness of the soy and oyster sauce chops.

    And what dish isn’t complete without potatoes.  Red potatoes add in a great layer of extra texture, which sops up the sauce beautifully.  I choose brown rice to not overload the starches too much.  I find that the red is the creamier of the spuds, and adds tons to sauce-rich dishes like this.  I would go as far to say that it can support the meal without rice.  But I think there’s some unspoken rule in Chinese cuisine that says that’s sacrilege.

  • Stuffed Burgers with Hash Browns

    There are few combos in this world that make me happy.  A sweet-ass Killer Instinct combo? Yeah, they rule.  Combo pretzel snacks? No thanks. But, when the classic combo of beef and potato come together, it’s like Sabrewolfe laying a massive 20-hit smack down on those crappy cheese pizza flavored bites. Enter the stuffed burger, filled with a delicious blend of Mexican cheeses, served on a portugese roll. Sam hand crafted the patties and grilled on the cast-iron skillet to a perfect sear. The cheese melted throughout the center, so rather having a molten lava explosion melting my soft palate, its nicely distributed across each bite.  

    Sam diced up a few russet potatoes, salt and peppered them, and threw them into a 400 degree oven on a cookie sheet. Honestly, it didn’t matter what form it came in. A burger needs some starch to bring it all together. But these potatoes were cooked perfectly. The heat from the pan gave each spud a nice crust, and finished smoothly upon chew. There was no greasy oily taste to detract from the creamy taste. Otherwise, a great American combo classic that Fulgore would approve of. Now, I’m off to buy a Super Nintendo system to get this Killer Instinct kick out of my system.

  • Breakfast Sangwich: Egg, Cheese, and …

    SAUSAGE LINKS?!  Doth my eyes deceive me?  I’ve been eating quick, run-of-the-mill breakfast sandwiches in the city for years, and I haven’t seen this before.. EVER!  My childhood man boobs (and my moderately sized down adult boobs) bounced with joy at the sight!

    Sure, it wasn’t the best quality, but I take what I can get.  It was an forgettable breakfast “cafe” near the 5th Avenue Apple Store.  I didn’t gripe over the lack of egg.  Look how much pig were between these buns!

  • How a Fondess for Rachael Ray Gave Me a Lamb Chops Dinner

    We find inspiration and influence in avenues that appeal closely to our own.  Both in delivery, and message.  There’s no rule in the book that says you have to be Julia Childs to be legitimate source of food knowledge.

    Enter Rachael “Yummo” Ray.  When Sam is home during the day, she’ll pop over to her television show to watch her whip up some “30 Minute Meals”.  I’ve had my reservations about her, but let’s face it: food made quick, easy, and delicious … who can argue with that?

    In one episode, Ray served up some broccolini, which I can only describe as the perfect hybrid between Chinese kai-lan and its standard namesake.  Sam loved the name, and went out in search of the vegetable.  And in her mind, if her ambition took her the grocery story to find sometime she’s never heard of, why not go the full monty and make a main course that she’s never made either: lamb chops.

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  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Now eat your snails like a good boy!  My brother will help you out!

  • Swich’n Up Leftovers

    Most days at work, I disappoint my friend Matt.  He’s a frequent buyer of food at lunch time, and asks me on occasion if I’d like to jump on an order.  More times than not, I let him down, and decline, falling back on leftovers I brought from home.  Still, the way I figure it, it’ll only be a matter of time before he stops asking.  And today’s lunch, grilled chicken with broccoli and tofu, was in dire need for some sprucing up.  Matt sent me a menu to Swich Pressed Sandwiches, which serves, of course, sangwiches.  Not the ideal side dish option.  But, I did see that they have a “big little couscous” for a reasonable $2.50 price tag that piqued my interest.  And I have to say, I did not regret it.

    Only being accustomed to boxed, supermarket couscous,  I had no idea it could come this big!  It had a light oil dressing, fresh herbs, and generous helpings of cranberries laced throughout.  Each spoonful had a delightful sweet, and savory taste, which boosted the otherwise one-dimensional lunch I had started with.  Dishes like that make me feel like I’m making a healthy choice for my midday break, and it did not sacrifice in flavor at all.  If Swich’s sides are this good, I’ll definitely be taking Matt up on the next sandwich run.